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What games do you like to play?

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Hello. Guys, I want to make money fast. What can you advise?

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Hello. Where do you like to play?

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Hi Guys, I am a German lady, 36y and visiting Montreal coming week for some two weeks. Would anyone be interested in getting out into the nature for some nice hiking action?  :D Wroni

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Does anyone know of a roller blading group in the city? I know roller blade tours exist in other cities but I would like to get involved in a weekly club or something; Any suggestions?

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We have just moved here and would like to go skiing for a week this Christmas. Can anyone tell us which are the best and nearest resoorts and whether there is already enough snow in December?

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Can anyone tell me if there is a good sports bar in old Montreal to watch World Cup football finale. Few friends of mine are planning for some place to enjoy the Final together.

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Hi I have just moved to Montreal as I am football follower so looking to improve my football skills. Is there any sports club who provide football training or coaching to outsiders?

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Hello friends I just love hiking and exploring the place. Does anyone know any upcoming hiking programme that take people to across Montreal to hike? 

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Just moved here and I'm looking for somewhere to play Squash near Westmount. Played a lot back in the Uk but having trouble finding somewhere to play here. Any ideas? Cheers for now.

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Hello again, This seemed to work for our cake quest so how about this one? Are there any good horse riding schools on the Island, or close by? Preferably Southshore rather than North.

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