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I keep reading terrible stories about negative impacts on health caused by regualr dog food. I am thinking of looking for organic kibble options for my old boy. Does anyone know of a supplier in Montreal or have a specific food suggestion to share with me?

started by: St Lawrence · last update: 1419242213 · posted: 1418708661

My old dog is having trouble getting up off his classic dog bed. I would like a recommendation for a comfy and not too expensive orthopedic dog bed. Any ideas?

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My old golden retreiver is looking a bit stiff in his gait. I would like him to see an osteopath. Can anyone recommend one in Montreal please?

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Yesterday I saw what looked like an African grey parrot in my garden and I have just noticed that he's there again in the dark. I suppose he's escaped from an aviary. Who can I call to help me catch him?

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Can anyone recommend a good dog creche that doesn't take a lot of dogs and who offers a pick up and drop off service?

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I need a dog sitter for 2 weeks this Christmas. Can anyone recomend someone used to big dogs? (40 kilo golden retriever) I'd like the person in question to start getting used to my dog in the next few weeks.

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I am looking for a puppy training class in Montreal that I can attend with my GSD pup, Sascha. Any suggestions please?

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Can anyone point me i n the direction of an anial shelter where I can go to volunteer at weekends please? I used to do this when I lived in France and I found it very rewarding. Thanks for your help!

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Hello Everyone, i am moving out of my place for further studies and i have 3 months old german sheppard. So i want to sell him. Looking for someone who can take care of him. Is anyone intersted?

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Are there any rules here with regard to dogs in apartments? I have heard mixed opinions as to whether you are or are not allowed to have dogs in apartments in Montreal.    

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Hey we're looking for a new family pet and are looking for any recommendations for rescue centres aruond Montreal. Not sure yet if we want a cat or a dog so would like to see both

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