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Hi. I am currently doing home improvement and have reached the dining room. What kind of furniture would I buy there?

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Hi folks, I am here seeking DIY methods for raccoon removal. Raccoons are a real nuisance in our area. I am very scared of these creatures. I tried setting up traps but nothing seems to work. Last week my garden was completely destroyed. I have heard that these raccoons would cause rabies too. I contacted one of the raccoon removal services from Markham. Has anyone here availed their services before? Please share some your valuable tips on raccoon removal. Thanks in advance.

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Hi all, I have been looking for a solution for decluttering my house after a small renovation. It is totally messed up and there is a bunk of wastes like kitchen items, wardrobe items and so on. I have contacted one of the bin rental services and they have agreed to bring me a bin and the wastes can be disposed of safely. I have decided to go with the help of some professional cleaners as there are lots of stuff like scrubbing, vacuuming etc to do. My friend recommended RBC cleaning services( http://www.rbcclean.com/services/construction-clean-up/ ). I haven’t gone to their services before and it would be of great help if you can help me with suggestions.

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Hi there, I am very happy that the construction of our new house is going well. It is a two-storied house and we have 3 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, a living room, reading room and a mud room too. The exterior works are going on well and now it is the time that we need to think about the interior design. My husband and I are planning to have a home theater room upstairs. We have two bedrooms on the first floor and only one bedroom on the second floor. So we need a classy room for our home theater. We got some plans from a residential interior design company in Toronto. Also, along with the kitchen, we have to make arrangements for our dine in. What do you guys think about this idea? We are really confused in selecting the designs. So, please help us with some unique designs and creative ideas that would be on a good budget. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Hi all, hope all are fine. I am here to get some suggestions. We are planning for the renovation of our recently bought house which has some damaged areas. We bought this house since it was affordable. We would also like to add some landscaping ideas to it. My husband and I used to spend a lot of time in the balcony while we were in our old house. For my new house, I would like to have a nice place where we can spend our evenings chatting. I have already contacted one of the landscape design company from Calgary who shared few landscaping designs with me. Since I am new here please help me with some more ideas and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, we are planning to renovate our living room. Doors and windows in the room have been made childproof. Our linen sofa set is completely worn out since it is too old. Having planned to buy a new set, I am confused which material to go for. Someone suggested me cotton, but I guess it is less durable and is not stain resistant. On further surfing, I saw an article about leather sofa sets [ http://www.surplusfurniture.com/blog/leather-sofa-sets-have-just-arrived/ ]. I think it is the best-suited material for those houses with kids and pets. But, I am afraid it can be easily damaged by pets claws and metal edges. My husband says it is durable and easy to maintain. I am in a dilemma and would like to get your tips. Thanks.

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Hi all, we bought a new home theater system. We are planning to renovate our living room by adding an entertainment unit. We absolutely have no idea where to start with and searched for many solutions. My friend suggested one of the custom entertainment units cabinets in Vaughan. I have never availed their services before and it would be of great help if someone there help me out with some ideas about them. We are not sure if they can provide us with designs that match our traditional style home. Thanks for your help.

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Hi all, after a long time we are planning for a trip. We love to go for some cruise as we haven’t gone one before. I am so happy that we got a vacation of nearly 1 month. I really do care about the safety of my belongings while we are away. Is it safe to keep my valuable documents and jewelry at home? I have read some tips like this [ http://cspalarms.ca/blog/safety/home-safety-tips-before-going-on-vacation/ ] Will this help me? I would like to hear more from you. Thanks in advance.

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Hello friends, I am Dianne Brown, a newbie here. Glad to meet you all. I am planning to renovate my house. Inorder to make my house more secure I would like to install a security system. Since I am a novice in this field, I am really in need of help. Could you please suggest which are the companies that provide security services? What are all the factors to be noted while installing a security device? Which is the latest technology that is used in a security system? Please do help me out by sharing all your views on that. Thanks in advance.

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I am looking for indoor plants to add little greenery to my home. Would it be a good idea?

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Howdy, I have prepared a rough plan for my partial home renovation. My friend has helped me with some interior designs and I really loved it. It was prepared keeping in mind the contemporary style of my house. I’m now looking for some door installation companies around here. Also, it would be a great help if you could provide me with ideas regarding what material to choose for my front door. My husband suggested going with wood, which would add to the aesthetics. But I have heard that wooden doors require regular maintenance and they can absorb moisture easily. While surfing, I saw an article about fiberglass doors. In this article, it was listed that the fiberglass doors require minimal maintenance and are temperature resistant. I’m in a dilemma. Could you please guide me choose one? Thanks.

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Some friends of mine has been asking for how to make their bathroom new without a full renovation. Well, I have been also thinking about this for so long. While surfing, I got some ideas and I felt it nice to share here. Many people may not be thinking about renovation as they have mistaken of about high prices for full renovation. Well, we can completely change the outlook of our bathroom by simply making some small changes at an affordable price. Starting from the lighting. Change the lighting as if you can brightens up the washroom even more. Place some new accessories instead of your old curtains, say goodbye to wet soap dishes and place trickle trays instead of it etc. Reform your faucet into a new sparkling one. Make sure to keep it clean always. If you are having a bathtub, reglaze it. Have tiles placed on your countertop. Hope this can help atleast one among you.

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Everybody should be well aware about their home security and as well as how to make it energy efficient. Windows and doors are the main part of our home as they covers about average 15% of homes's wall space. Also there are a lot of thing we must care about. The types of window frames,glasses that minimizes the solar glare etc etc. And of course windows should be self cleaning.

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We have had a problem with our house since we moved in. We missed out detecting the leaks during the inspection. The inspector seemed to totally brush aside this leaking problem. Yesterday, I got one guy to check the roofing he says the old skylight glass and frame is the source of leak.Thinking of DIY, taking help from articles like http://www.royalyorkroofing.ca/blog/roof-repair/what-to-do-if-your-roof-starts-leaking/ .Do I need to redo my roofing or would minor renovation works do the trick for me? would like to know about reliable roofing solutions too. Any idea about the aprox. expense I may have to bear? Can the seller be held responsible in our case? Should I go after the seller?

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I am looking for outdoor loveseats for my condo balcony. I need something with more stylish look and durable also. Does anyone know any stores? 

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I recently saw a documentary on duck down 'harvesting' and I want to look for a cruelty free option for my new duvet. Can anyone advise me? I really love duck down but I cannot bear to think such barbaric acts were carried out just so I could get a good night's sleep!

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I am helping my mum look for a one or maxi two bed place to buy. Can anyone give us some sites we can use to do a search?

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We are planning to relocate to Montréal next year. Can anyone recommend a nice part of town for families to live in?

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We ar elooking for a new house but we are often out of town on business and when we are here we are always running around like headless chickens. We are looking for a property search company who can do the job for us. Any recommendations?

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Hey I am looking for short term furnished housing at cheap rates. Recommend me any property agent who helps me.

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