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Friends my mother tongue is English and I don’t understand French can I get a job in Montreal without the knowledge of French.


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It is possible but defitiely not easy. It would be advisable to take one of the governemnt supported intensive French courses that should bring your French up to a reasonable level. There are lots of them available at the various colleges and universities around Montreal. It would also depend on what your preofession is. There are some businesses here that work mostly in English, but not very many.

MontrealBorn6 1407166309

If you are not here in Quebec already then STOP !!!!  If you do not speak and write French fluently the best you can hope for is a call centre job that pays about $18k a year and then you need to make your quota.  I am a VERY experienced employee with excellent references and education and I cannot find work here despite actively looking for many months.  I have a university education and I was born here in Montreal to English parents.  I moved away many years ago and therefore did not have a lot of French language skills.  I was transferred here and told that I didn't need French but you do pick it up and I was pretty good conversationally.  Then the company downsized and let me go.  Ugh!  Now I am left here with no funds to return to Ontario and I cannot find employment here without full French.  I decided to take a course and I have passed the 6th level.  I am pretty good speaking and I can read a lot of it but my written is lacking some.  What I really need is to be employed by someone who is willing to give me a chance to improve my french and continue my studies - BUT - everyone here wants someone who is fluent right away.  I have put in over 200 unsolicited resumes and answered 140 ads and I get plenty of responses however once they discover I am not fluently French then I have no chance.  STAY WHERE YOU ARE !  It is terrible to discover that the place you were born in you can no longer survive in.  If only I had refused that transfer years ago..... 

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Hi Montreal Born, I have just read your post. I'm really sorry you are finding it so hard to find employment. Have you thought of perhaps setting up as a sole trader? Could that be a way for you to get around needing completely fluent French to be hired?

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Look at the vacancies on the website  and when you find a suitable one, contact the employer to find out all the details, since you need a visa to hire a foreigner. I think you will succeed, since good chefs are required in many restaurants.

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