Finding accomodation for student

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23 year old male student doing internship in Montreal looking for accomodation for 4 months- what are the best ways to do so ?   Any advise would be a great help. Many thanks  


Hip Hop Chick 1422352205

Hello. Have you tried the property section on this site?

Korio-Zedd-994620 1623866780

Montreal is an extremely expensive off-campus city for me. Why did you choose this particular city? As far as I remember, there are many good universities in the USA. There are often grants and many directions for research activities. The only drawback is the high load. I graduated from NYU myself. Sometimes I had to look for professional writers on papersformoney. But this year has passed and I have adapted to new conditions. The harder it is to study, the easier it will be in your career. I am convinced of this.

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