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Hi All, I'm an American who has been in Montreal visiting friends. I'm an artist and am interested in staying on in Canada (probably Montreal) and I'm wondering about the feasibility of this. I can support myself through my work but am also thinking about going to school to learn French and take some more art classes. Do I need to return to the US first and then get a visa or can I apply for one here? Thanks in advance. 


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There are various different types of residency and immigration application procedures for Canada and Quebec, depending on your situation. Montreal certainly does have a vibrant art scene and learning French will also help a great deal.

Not knowing a great deal about the specifics of immigrating to Canada from the US I can't give you much advice myself, but you will be able to find the answers to many of your questions through the 'Residency in Canada' pages in our Information section.

If you are still struggling to find answers then I would suggest that you contact an Immigration Consultant who will be able to answer your specific questions. You can find a list of English speaking immigration lawyers and consultants in our business directory.

I hope this helps and good luck with your move to Montreal! 


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