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Hi there. Which crypto wallets are best to use?

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Hi friends. I'm looking for a gaming slot where I can play and relax. What can you advise?

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Hello. How can I choose a game for the evening?

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I have a rather complicated tax situation as I spend a lot of time in Europe and have homes both there and here in Canada. Can anyone recommend a good English speaking tax advisor who is au fait with international tax systems?

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Can anyone recommend a plain-talking, English-speaking accountant I could get in touch with please?

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Hi All, I'm an American who has been in Montreal visiting friends. I'm an artist and am interested in staying on in Canada (probably Montreal) and I'm wondering about the feasibility of this. I can support myself through my work but am also thinking about going to school to learn French and take some more art classes. Do I need to return to the US first and then get a visa or can I apply for one here? Thanks in advance. 

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