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I need to have some passport photos done for my baby's passport and I can't get her to sit still in one of those booths! Can anyone recommend a (patient) photograper in a studio I could take her to?

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My best Canadian friend is about to give birth by C section and I would like to find her an original gift for her son. Can anyone give me any ideas?

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I have a 1.5 year old and I am looking for weekend activities to do with her now that the weather is getting colder and rainier. Thanks ina dvance!!

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I am looking for ideas of things to do with my daughter for Halloween. Does anyone know of a party suitable for 5 year olds? This is my first Halloween in Canada so I don't know how things work yet!

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I'd like to take my daughter to a pumpkin caraving workshop on Friday. Has anyone heard of any going on?

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We are from the UK and we are looking for an after school activity like the Brownies or Scouts for our daughter. Can anyone advise us if something similar exists here please?

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I am looking for English speaking daycare for my 2 years old daughter. Someone who will watch my daughter once I return to work.

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After a long tiring schedule, I would like to spend this weekend with my kids. Can anyone recommend me what activities should I do with my kids.

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Does anyone know of a baby store selling Stokke brand products in Montreal please?

started by: Regina-964438 · last update: 1405851681 · posted: 1405573761

Due to some reason I have to shift Montreal from Ontario. My daughter is currently enrolled in junior kindergarten in Ontario and she understands English language only. Does anyone know any English language school?

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My 9 years old daughter is fond of ballet dancing and I have no idea about this dance form. What age do most children begin ballet? 

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Tommorrow is father’s day, i still searching but doesnt decide what gift should i give to my lovely daddy. Guys give me some ideas.

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Hi are there any clubs or meeting places for newcomers, we will be moving very soon, and I would also like my kids to meet others their age over the summer. They may find it a bit difficult settling into montreal otherwsie.   thanks for any suggestions on clubs / things to do to meet other people for both parents and kids

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I'm researching schools in Montreal at the moment as we will be moving from Faro in Portugal to Montreal in June next year. my kids are 8 & 13 and go to int'l school. They speak English and Portuguese. Someone tolld me that my kids might have to go to a FRENCH sepaking school if i put them in the state school system. Is this true. they don;t speak french. will i have to put them in an international school to have schooling in english?

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Hi, we have not been in the area for long and would like some recommendations for english speaking daycares in the Westmount area. Thanks muchly!  

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