Special Work Permits and Schemes

Understand requirements for special work permits and changes to a work permit...

Other work permit schemes which have their own requirements include:

Live-in Caregivers

Business Workers

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) permits easier temporary entry into Canada for workers from the US and Mexico, who will not need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in order to take a job.

Free-trade agreements similar to NAFTA also exist between Canada, Chile and Peru to enable easier temporary access for workers.

Temporary "business visitors" are procedurally distinct from temporary migrants, and do not require a work permit for stays of up to six months.

There are additional trade agreements in place for foreign workers who fall into particular business categories who are able to enter and work in Canada more easily

Changes to a Work Permit

A work permit is only valid for the conditions for which it was authorised. To change details or to stay longer in Canada than the work permit authorises, a person must apply for an extension to the work permit.

If applying for a different job in Canada when a temporary resident, it is necessary to apply for an extension of the work permit.


Work permits for self-employed persons may be granted if the person is deemed to have relevant experience and can prove their business would be a significant benefit to Canada.

  • Relevant experience must be in athletics, cultural activities or farm management
  • Selection criteria including education, age, experience and language abilities apply
  • Medical and security checks also apply
  • Information on applying to work in Canada as a self-employed person

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