Work Permit Exemptions

Find out if you are eligible for a work permit exemption...

Some categories of jobs do not require a work permit under certain conditions. For example: athletes, the military and emergency service providers do not always need a work permit to work in Canada.

However, if a person is coming to Canada from a country whose citizens are required to obtain a visa to visit Canada, it is necessary to apply for a temporary resident visa despite falling into one of these categories.

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Business visitors do not need a work permit. A business visitor is someone who comes to work temporarily, for example to look for business opportunities or to invest, but who does not enter the Canadian labour market.

Diplomats, representatives of the UN, military personnel and foreign government officers do not require a work permit to work in Canada.

Other exemptions include those for full-time students, who can work on the campus of their institution without a work permit. Performing artists can work in Canada under certain conditions, as can the clergy, news reporters and public speakers.