Job Seeking in Canada

How to begin your job search in Canada...

A person receiving EI benefits must be actively seeking work and willing to accept suitable employment - they must also be physically and mentally capable of working. It is possible to work part-time and receive a portion of EI benefits, but they are not payable if a person is working full time.

Legally, everyone who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, wishing to work in Canada requires a work permit or some form of authorisation to do so. It is also necessary to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

There are a number of tools to help people find work in Canada, as well as assistance in writing CVs and job applications. The Service Canada website is a good resource for those looking for work. It provides a number of tools and services such as CV writing, career assessment and job searching.

Job Bank is a government website providing listings for job opportunities across Canada and it is the largest web-based network of job postings. It provides search tips, job match alerts, CV building and career navigating services. The site also offers information on assistance available to those seeking work, such as unemployment benefits and career development opportunities.

Provincial job centres, local newspapers, community bulletin boards and independent online recruitment company sites (such as Monster Jobs) are useful resources for job seekers.

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