Finding a Job in Canada

Find out where and how to start the search for employment in Canada...

There are a number of tools to help people find work in Canada, as well as assistance in writing CVs and job applications. Service Canada is a good website to help newcomers find work in Canada. It provides a number of tools and services such as CV writing, career assessment and job searching.

Service Canada has identified that the biggest obstacle facing newcomers to Canada finding work is having access to good networking opportunities. Many positions are filled informally without being publicly advertised; therefore it is recommended that those wishing to find employment try to network with as many friends, acquaintances and contacts as possible.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada also actively helps newcomers find work in Canada.

Job Bank is a government site providing listings for job opportunities across Canada. It is the largest web-based network of job postings. It provides search tips, job match alerts, resumé building and career navigating services. The site also offers information on assistance available to those seeking work, such as unemployment benefit and career development opportunities.

Provincial job centres, local newspapers, community bulletin boards and independent online recruitment company sites are useful resources for job seekers to find employment.

Other useful websites for finding employment include:

Regulated Professions

Persons wishing to work in a regulated profession such as medicine, engineering, teaching, law and nursing are normally required to get a provincial or territorial licence in order to work in Canada. This usually involves having qualifications/credentials assessed to see if more training is required. The Canadian Information Center for International Credentials (CICIC) is the office which deals with assessing credentials. Their website also offers information on how to get credentials recognised as well as information on job hunting