Employment Protection in Canada

Understand your rights relating to employment in Canada...

Minimum standard legislation exists for employment in Canada, with federal and/or provincial legislation regarding the minimum wage, employment rights, equal pay, hours of work, minimum age of employment, overtime pay, parental leave, vacations and termination of employment.

The number of paid statutory holidays (public holidays) ranges between five and ten days depending on which province/territory a person works.

Paid holiday entitlements also vary between provinces/territories. It is normal to be entitled to at least two weeks paid leave per year.

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave entitlements also vary across the provinces/territories. This entitlement is unpaid. However, paid maternity leave is available, but depends on the mother's position and the benefits included in her contract.

There is protection for individual termination of employment contracts under Canadian law. As a rule employers must give at least two weeks notice prior to terminating a contract, unless the employee has worked for the company for less than three months or there is just cause for dismissal. Conditions and exemptions apply