Procedure for Importing a Vehicle

Security procedures and what to expect when importing a car into Canada...

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) office, at the point of entry, will process the import of the vehicle into Canada.

At the border, CBSA officers will:

  • Check documentation, such as title documents, proof of ownership
    • For details about required documentation and requirements and processes at the border: Click here
  • Provide a Vehicle Import Form, which must be completed and kept for vehicle licencing in the relevant province/territory where the vehicle will be registered
  • Check that the vehicle is permitted to be imported from US to Canada
  • Arrange payment for the RIV fee. This can be paid by credit card, online, by cheque or in person at the Toronto head office
  • Arrange payment of any other taxes, for example Goods and Sales Tax. Import duties may also have to be paid
    • For information on import duties and taxes: Click here

After completing the necessary procedures at the Canada Border Services Agency, the owner then has 45 days to make any required modifications to the vehicle and have the vehicle inspected to ensure compliance with CMVSS. Once the vehicle passes the inspection from the RIV programme, the vehicle can be licensed in Canada.