Canada by Train

Find out about travelling on Canada's rail transport network; with information on train tours and commuter passes...

ViaRail, Canada's national rail operator, is an efficient and competitively priced rail service that connects East Canada to West Canada. As Canada is the world's second-largest country, cross-Canadian journeys take several days. Several routes connect to major cities in the USA. ViaRail's main routes operating are:

  • Rockies and Pacific:
    • Toronto to Vancouver (The Canadian)
    • Jasper to Prince Rupert
    • Victoria to Courtenay
  • Prairies and North Manitoba
    • The Pas to Pukatawagan
  • Ontario and Quebec: Numerous routes connect Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal to many destinations
  • Atlantic Canada
    • Montreal to Halifax

ViaRail offers different classes for travel and discounts for elderly, the young, advance purchases, as well as reduced fares for travel at certain times of the year.

  • For full details of rail routes provided by ViaRail in Canada: Click here

Train tours and holidays

Train operators also offer luxurious rail tours through some of Canada's most spectacular scenery; for example through the Rockies and into North Canada. One such operator is the Rocky Mountaineer.


National rail passes are available for travellers and frequent users. These include the Canrailpass, BizPak, VIA 6 pak and Commuter Passes.

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