Public Transport in Montreal

Details for the regional bus network and the Montreal Metro system including where to buy tickets and travel cards...

The bus network and the metro system on the island of Montreal are operated by the Société de Transport de Montreal (STM), which has a comprehensive website providing network maps, fare prices, ticket and travel pass options, travel advice and a host of other useful information in English and French.


The Metro system consists of 4 lines and 68 stations. Each station has maps on display for the entire network and also for the local neighborhood. Trains run from 05:30 to between 00:15 and 01:30, depending on the line and day of the week.


STM buses operate 196 day and 23 night routes providing a comprehensive network covering the island. Most bus stops have the schedule and route map posted and some have a map of the network.

  • For a map of the bus and metro network: Click here (PDF)
  • For a map of the night bus routes: Click here (PDF)
  • For routes and schedule information once the route or bus stop number is known: Click here

Tickets and Travel Passes

There is no fare zoning in the STM network, so there is a fixed fare for each journey. Tickets can be purchased at metro stations from the manned ticket booth (cash only) or from one of the machines using cash, credit card or debit card. Purchase of tickets on buses must be done with the correct change (no bank notes) at the machine on boarding. Individual tickets are valid for two hours and can also be used on other STM vehicles bus/metro for transfers during that period, but not for another journey on the same metro line or bus route (for example, it can not be used for a return trip on the same line). Multiple trip tickets are also available and will slightly reduce the cost of each individual trip.

To use a single trip ticket simply insert it in the slot at the metro station turnstile as indicated, or in the machine on boarding the bus. Random ticket inspections are common, so the ticket must be kept during the journey. If transferring to a bus from the metro, metro from a bus or from bus to bus, simply place the previously validated ticket in the space indicated on the top of the turnstile, or the bus fare machine.

  • For more general information on fares and other ticket types: Click here

OPUS card

The OPUS card is a reloadable travel card that can be purchased for a small fee and then topped up at STM authorized convenience stores and pharmacies or any metro station. The OPUS card is valid for most public transport in the Greater Montreal area.

  • For more detailed information about the OPUS card: Click here
  • For a list of points of sale for the OPUS card: Click here

To use an OPUS card or multiple trip/pass ticket place it on the space indicated on top of the turnstile or fare machine on the bus and wait for the light to go green. The machine also indicates how many trips remain on the card or, if transferring, that the transfer has been accepted.

Discounts and concessions

Reduced fares are available for school children aged 6 to 11 years old, students aged 12 to 15, and seniors aged 65 years and over. In order to travel at discounted rates the passenger must hold a valid photo ID OPUS card.

  • For information on applying for the OPUS photo ID card for children: Click here
  • For information on applying for the OPUS photo ID card for students: Click here
  • For information on applying for the OPUS photo ID card for seniors: Click here


STM Paratransit is a door-to-door reservation only service for people with reduced mobility who meet the criteria set out in the Paratransit Eligibility Policy (PDF) of the Ministère des Transports du Québec. The service operates within the Island of Montreal STM network area using a range of standard and adapted taxis, and also purpose built mini buses.

The service is available from 06:00 until approximately 01:00.

  • For full details about the Paratransit system and to download the user guide: Click here (PDF)
  • For general information and to make a reservation, Tel: 514 280 8211


The Taxibus is a public transport alternative for areas where it may be difficult to get a regular bus service. In order to use this service seats must generally be booked at least 40 minutes in advance of the scheduled departure time by calling the local office.

  • For more information, and schedules for the Taxibus service: Click here

Other Transport Operators

There are a number of other transport operators within the Montreal region. These include: