BIXI Public Bike System

Find out about the BIXI bike system, with details about the available passes and subscriptions...

BIXI is a public bicycle sharing program, introduced to Montreal in 2009 and providing an alternative way of getting round the region. It is in operation from mid-April to mid-November, with more docking stations being added every year.

  • BIXI
    Customer service, Tel: 514 789 BIXI (2494)

The system is ideal for people that simply want to go from point A to point B quickly and efficiently, but less so for those that wish to go for longer rides. For longer scenic rides and leisurely tours, BIXI can work out to be unexpectedly expensive. For this type of cycling it is more economical to visit one of the many bicycle rental shops in the city.

It is important to understand the way that the BIXI system works in order to avoid receiving unexpected overtime charges.

Using a 24 or 72-hour Pass

Day passes and 72-hour passes for the BIXI network can be purchased at the automated pay station of any of the BIXI docking stations. A maximum of two bikes can be charged to the same credit card for a 24- or 72-hour access pass.

  • Pay the daily fee with a Mastercard, VISA or American Express and take the access number that will be printed by the machine
  • Choose a bike from the docking station and enter the access code, the bike is then unlocked and available to use
  • Ensure that the bike is re-docked and securely locked at any BIXI docking station before 30 minutes have elapsed in order to avoid extra usage charges being added to the payment credit card
  • In order to continue using the bike, or to make another journey within the 24- or 72-hour period, ensure that the bike has been securely docked for more than two minutes and then re-enter the access code to release the bike for another 30 minutes

This process can be repeated any number of times within the period of the passwithout incurring any extra charges.

Subscriptions and Membership

There are a number of subscriptions available to members for 24-hours, 30 days or annually

  • For price information and membership application details for the BIXI system: Click here

Once the membership application is complete a BIXI key is sent in the mail to the BIXI member. This key must be activated online before using a bike.

In order to use a bike, the procedure is as follows:

  • Use the key to unlock any bike from any BIXI docking station and then use the bike for a maximum of 45 minutes before re-docking at any BIXI docking station
  • If more than 45 minutes elapse before the bike is re-docked, charges are applied to the member's payment card
  • In order to continue using the bike, or to make another journey, securely dock it at any BIXI docking station for more than two minutes and then unlock with the BIXI key again. The bike can then be used for another 45 minutes with no further charges

This process can be repeated any number of times within the membership period with no further charges.

  • For more information about the BIXI system including the locations of docking stations, bike availability and over time usage charges: Click here