Winter Driving in Quebec

Information on rules and driving conditions during the winter months in Quebec, when winter tires need to be used, and how snow clearing works...

The winter months in Quebec can be extremely cold, with the temperature dropping as low as -35°C (-31°F), and the thermometer rarely going above freezing point between December and March. In these cold winters, driving requires preparation, extra caution, and plenty of patience.

Between the dates of 15 December and 15 March it is compulsory for all passenger vehicles that are 'registered in Quebec’ to have winter specific tires fitted.

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After significant snowfall the major routes are generally cleared quite quickly; however, it is prudent to allow plenty of extra time when travelling during the winter months, especially after snowfall.

In built up areas, and on residential city streets, snow clearing is significantly more difficult and can take many days after significant snowfall. It is important to pay attention to temporary signs that are placed to give notice of snow clearing operations. Any cars parked on a street that is about to be cleared will be towed at the owner’s expense.

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