Overseas Voting: New Zealand

Information about casting a ballot in New Zealand elections from overseas…

Eligible citizens and permanent residents of New Zealand may vote overseas in general elections. In order to be eligible, a voter must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older AND
  • Enrolled on the electoral register AND
  • Have lived in New Zealand continuously for one year or more at some time in their lives

Voter registration

Enrolment and voting can take place outside New Zealand provided certain requirements are met. The voter must be a New Zealand citizen and have visited New Zealand within the last three years, or be a permanent resident of New Zealand and have visited New Zealand in the last 12 months.

  • It is possible to enrol online in either English or Maori.

Note: Enroling online requires a RealMe username and password. RealMe is a government electronic identifier used to log in to a number of services

Voting from overseas

A New Zealand voter overseas may download and upload their voting papers via the Elections website. It is not possible to email them. Voting papers are available online for a limited time on the Elections website in the lead-up to any general election or by-election. Note that the direct link varies according to the election type and date.

A voter who has opted to have their name listed on the unpublished (private) electoral roll will not be able to download voting papers. Instead, an application for overseas voting must be printed, completed and returned either by post or fax. If unable to print the application, a voter may email the information requested on the overseas voting application form directly to the Electoral Office.

  • Full postal, email, and fax information is printed on the application for overseas voting. The exact form varies depending on the election date and type. A direct link is made available prior to the election via the Elections homepage