Voting in the Australian Federal Elections from overseas

The absentee ballot: how to register and vote from overseas in the Australian Federal Election...

An Australian citizen living abroad may register as an overseas elector and vote in Australian national elections provided that:

  • He or she intends to return to Australia within the next six years AND
  • Has not been out of the country for more than three years
  • British subjects who were enrolled to vote in Australia on or before 25 January 1984 are also eligible, provided they also meet the conditions above

The three year limit does not apply to children living overseas with their parents. Expat children who have recently turned 18 and wish to enrol to vote must only declare that they intend to return to Australia within the next six years.

Note: It is not possible to enrol at an overseas address. Enrolment must be within the last Australian electorate in which the person was eligible to vote.

Voting overseas

Votes may be cast in person at an Australian Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission. Some Australian airports will have voting centres for those leaving the country on polling day. It is also possible to vote by post. Applications for postal votes should be submitted online as soon as an election is announced.