Pet Carriers to Canada

Professionals will ensure your pet is fit and ready to make the journey to Canada...

Air Canada accepts small pets in the cabin as hand luggage and larger pets in the luggage compartment as checked luggage.

  • For more information about pet travel with Air Canada: Click here

Air Canada Cargo ship a wide variety of live animals. Restrictions do apply and it is advisable to contact the local Air Canada Cargo office for requirements and details.

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  • For local Air Canada Cargo office details: Click here

Thomas Cook Cargo and British Airways World Cargo also ship domestic pets. Contact local offices for details and requirements.

For further information about potential service providers:

  • check commercial airline requirements
  • Refer to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), who represents 93 percent of scheduled international air traffic and provides standards for the transportation of live animals. For more information about IATA standards:  Click here

Most commercial airlines require an IATA approved kennel for shipment of domestic animals. The kennel must meet airline size requirements and be big enough for the animal to stand, sit up and turn in during transport. The animal must not be drugged.

Numerous local pet shipping agencies can provide a full service to transport pets overseas.

DEFRA provides information about the transport of pets in and out of the UK.

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