Moving Horses to Canada

Requirements for moving horses to Canada...

Horses may enter Canada from the US if accompanied by an Export Certificate issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)- Certificate VS 17-140 or VS 17-145.

From the EU

Live horses imported from the European Union must be accompanied by an Import Permit and a Zoosanitary export document.
Further details can be found using the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS). Search live horses (commodity), enter country of origin and end purpose.

  • For the AIRS website and a detailed list of import requirements: Click here

Before the import of live horses the local CFIA office must be contacted for an import permit.

Additional Requirements

Additional import requirements may be put in place for certain animals for outbreaks of exceptional diseases such as H5N1, Asian subtype of avian influenza, and foot and mouth.

  • For information on avian Influenza additional requirements: Click here
  • For information on foot and mouth additional requirements: Click here

Crossing Borders (exit and re-enter)

Import restrictions detailed above apply.