Arriving in Canada with Domestic Pets

What to expect on arrival: make sure you know where to go and what to do to get your pet animals settled in Canada...

There is no quarantine requirement for pet animals entering Canada. However, there are differing vaccination requirements for countries considered to be rabies free, to those considered to be non-rabies free.

  • For the list of countries which Canada considers to be rabies free for the import of pets: Click here

Rabies is present in Canada, but the CFIA controls the disease and requires proof of vaccination against rabies for all cats and dogs over three months of age, entering the country from a non-rabies free country.

Cats and dogs do not have to be accompanied when shipped from overseas. Check commercial airline requirements for health certificate requirements, even when the CFIA does not require one. Cats and dogs will be inspected on entering the country by the Canada Border Services Agency who will check health, identification and vaccinations.

There is no specified limit on how many animals a non-commercial importer can bring into the country. However, if several animals are imported or animals are imported frequently by the same owner, proof that the animals are personal pets may be requested.