Vehicle Taxes in Canada

The taxes that affect cars, motorcycles and other vehicles in Canada...

There are no specific road taxes to pay in Canada. However, sales taxes (GST and PST/HST) apply to the sale of cars.

HST should only apply if the vehicle is purchased from an HST registrant (an individual or business registered with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Québec for tax purposes). If the vehicle is bought from an individual who is not an HST registrant - a private transaction for a second-hand car, for example - the purchaser will still be subject to a retail sales tax. Business expenses incurred for running a motor vehicle are tax-deductible, and the sales tax on a motor vehicle specially equipped to deal with a disability can be claimed back.

While it may initially seem cheaper to buy a car in a province with lower (or no) HST or PST, the purchase must be declared through PST/HST self-assessment, and difference between the lower rate in the province of purchase and the higher rate in the resident province must be paid.

More information can be found on the Department of Finance website of the province of residence.

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