Drinks in Canada

Find out about some typical Canadian drinks, including beers, coffee and icewines...

Canadians are big beer drinkers and major beer producers such as Labatt and Molson are found in Canada. However, there are also some smaller local breweries which produce good ales, bitters and lagers.

British Columbia and Quebec are home to many local breweries.

Wineries in Canada are becoming better known internationally and have a good reputation. The main wine producing regions are the Niagara Peninsula and the Okanagan Wine Region. Wineries in these regions produce chardonnay, pinot noir and riesling wines, as well as some internationally recognised icewines.


Icewine is a sweet dessert wine, produced from grapes that have frozen on the vine. Grapes must freeze naturally in order for the wine to be called icewine. The production in Canada is regulated by Vintners Quality Alliance, which stipulates that sugar levels must measure more than 35° Brix. The majority of icewine in Canada is produced in Ontario.


Canadians are big coffee drinkers. There are coffee shops everywhere, many of which are drive-thrus. Most typical North American chains such as Starbucks can be found across Canada, but the coffee shop that is most prevalent in Canada is Tim Hortons, known as 'Timmys'. This Canadian owned business has over 3,000 coffee shops in Canada (they also operate in the US and have some outlets internationally), selling coffee and other hot and cold drinks, doughnuts, bagels, sandwiches, soup and muffins.