Canadian Mealtimes

Everything you need to know about breakfast, lunch and dinner in Canada...

Most Canadians eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast normally includes something like bread or toast or maybe cold cereal or even a granola bar, yoghurt or fruit. Some French Canadians may have a more European style breakfast with pastries, bread and cheese, while some Canadians may have a more hearty breakfast consisting of bacon and eggs.

Lunch is generally 'on the go' - either a sandwich or soup at around midday. There are many fast food lunch stops for office workers selling sandwiches, soup and bagels. Lunch breaks are normally short - between 30 minutes to one hour. School children can sometimes have hot lunches at school but it is more common for them to take a lunch box, with sandwiches and fruit for example.

Dinner is often served at 17:00 or 18:00, although this can be later (and longer) in Quebec. As a rule, dinner is a simple, hearty meal based on local ingredients; for example in the Maritime provinces, dinner is more likely to include fish, whereas in Alberta it would include beef. Dinner often consists of meat, potatoes, vegetables and gravy; however, more recently other cuisines, including American, have influenced Canadian mealtimes and families are likely to have pretty much anything for dinner including pasta, casserole, pizza, steak, stir fry or any other speciality.