Emergency Utility Numbers

Problems with your telephone, water, electricity or gas? Find the contact numbers for the main utility services in Montreal...

Réseau Accès Montréal is a service number for residents of Montreal that can be contacted for information, or to make service requests and file a complaint. The number can also be used to inform the city about problems that require a rapid response from the public works or maintenance departments.

  • To report a problem or for municipal information Tel: 311
  • For more information about this service, or to find a local point of service: Click here


Hydro Québec provides electricity for almost all of Québec's homes and businesses.

  • Hydro Québec
    Tel: 1 888 385 7252 (or 514 385 7252)
  • To report a power outage or equipment failure, Tel: 1 800 790 2424 (24-hours a day)
  • For Hydro Québec contact details: Click here


GazMétro is the main provider for natural gas in Québec.

  • GazMétro
  • For emergencies, or a suspected gas leak Tel: 911 or 1 800 361 8003
  • For information on what to do if a gas leak is suspected: Click here

Water and Sewerage

Water and sewerage services are controlled by the city and municipal governments.

  • In the event of an emergency due to flooding or major water leaks, Tel: 311
  • Alternatively, contact the local point of service: Click here
  • See the Business Directory for Plumbers & Electricians


  • To report a problem with telephone service, Tel: 611

The two main land line service providers in Québec are Videotron and Bell, although Telus also has a presence in the region.