Rental Costs and Utilities

Make sure you're prepared for the costs of services and utilities associated with renting a property in Canada...

Utilities are often included in the contract (but not always) and may include parking and utilities such as electricity, heat and water. If they are not included in the contract it is up to the tenant to pay these bills on time to the relevant provider. Check when signing a lease agreement exactly which utilities are included in the monthly rent.

Other Costs and Taxes

Other service charges may or may not be included in the rental agreement as part of the rent. Again, check exactly what is included in the monthly rental. Additional taxes are not required to be paid on top of rent.


It is normal for an inventory to be made on furnished property. It is advised to check all rented property for any damage prior to moving in and to make note or photograph any damage to the interior or soft furnishings at the earliest opportunity.


Repairs are normally the responsibility of the landlord. Provincial rental authorities can be contacted in the event a landlord does not fulfil his or her obligations to repair the rental property.