Lease Renewal, Termination and Subletting

Find out how to renew a rental contract, how to terminate one, and whether you may sublet in Canada...

At the end of the lease agreement - generally a year - the lease can be renewed on a monthly basis. However, this will depend on the province or territory. If the lease is renewed on a monthly basis, the lease termination notice is one month.

  • To check lease statutory renewal terms, see the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation factsheets for the individual province or territory: Click here

Terminating a Lease

Generally, rental agreements can be terminated by the tenant with no penalties, provided that a minimum of 60 days notice is given to the landlord. Specific notice periods can be found in the province or territory's Residential Tenancies Act or with local Rental Authorities.

  • The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has renting fact sheets for each province or territory detailing these notice periods: Click here

It is generally very difficult for landlords to evict tenants before the end of the lease agreement. The landlord must have solid reasons to terminate the agreement, for example non-payment of rent or damage to the property. In order for eviction to occur, they need to obtain a court order, as well as a notice of termination.


Subletting is permitted and legal, but the landlord's permission should be sought in advance. If the tenant chooses to sublet, the original tenant still holds responsibility for the property, including any damage and ensuring the rent is paid on time.