Finding a Rental Property

How to go about finding an apartment or house to rent in Canada...

Rental property can be found by searching lists of available rental properties in the classified sections of local papers, as well as searching housing and newspaper websites and bulletin boards in local libraries or real estate agencies. Many properties available to rent have a 'for rent' sign outside so it may be possible to visit a particular neighbourhood and see what is available.

Renting through estate agents (or real estate agents) is normal in Canada, as is renting directly from a landlord.

Furnished or Unfurnished

Both furnished and unfurnished properties are available for rent in Canada. Furnished properties are often available for short-term lease (from one week), although properties may be available for longer term rentals. Furnished rentals may include beds, chairs, tables, stove, lamps, refrigerator and curtains. Unfurnished rentals often include a stove and refrigerator.

Types of Property for Rent

The main types of property available for rent in Canada are:

  • Apartment: self-contained unit in a building or house, mostly with between one and three bedrooms and separate kitchen, bathroom(s) and living area.
  • Bachelor or studio apartment: designed for one person, normally with a combined living area and bedroom, plus kitchen and bathroom
  • Duplex: a house divided into two separate apartments
  • Triplex: a house divided into three (often the owner of the house lives in one unit)
  • Single family detached house: a single house in its own plot, therefore offering more privacy. The number of rooms and amount of space varies.
  • Townhouse: a small house joined to other houses

Further Information