Mail and Postal Services

Understand how the Canadian postal service works, including mail boxes, sending and receiving parcels, and registered mail...

Stamps can be sold by the unit, in books of ten or a roll of 50 and can be purchased at a Canada Post store, by mail order, telephone or online. For information and contact details: Click here

Mail boxes

Mail boxes are red, with more than 90,000 located around Canada.  Pick up times and information are posted on the mail box.

Sending mail and parcels

Specific rates apply for sending mail within Canada, to the United States and for the rest of the world, depending on the weight and size of the letter or parcel.

  • For information on postage prices from Post Canada: Click here

Registered Mail

A registered letter with a required signature upon receipt of delivery can be requested by the sender. A receipt of mailing is given to the sender and there is coverage for loss or damage of the letter or parcel.

To send a registered letter or parcel, fill out the required forms at the post office. The postal clerk attaches the forms to the envelope, and provides the sender with a receipt. The recipient signs for the letter or parcel upon receipt. The cost depends on the size and weight of the sent item.

  • For further information on sending a registered letter within Canada: Click here
  • For further information on sending a registered letter internationally: Click here

Sending parcels

The Post Canada website has a guide on sending parcels from Canada.

  • For further information: Click here
  • For information on customs formalities when sending parcels, and restrictions on parcel contents: Click here

Receiving parcels

Canada Post has set guidelines for delivery standards for both domestic and international mail.

Small packages are delivered. When absent or for larger parcels, a pickup notice is left in the mailbox indicating the address and opening hours of the post office where the parcel is being held. An identification card is required to pick up the parcel.

Mail forwarding

Post (including newspapers) can be forwarded to a new address for an annual fee. It is recommended to apply for this service as early as possible to ensure the mail is being directed to the correct place. To apply either visit a local post office or provide the required information online.

Mail can be temporarily forwarded to a new address in Canada or internationally, or an address can be changed for a period of of up to 12 months, depending on the receiver's situation.

There is a flat fee for the service which varies depending on whether the redirected address is within Canada or international.

  • For further information on temporary mail forwarding: Click here
  • For information on a permanent change of address: Click here

Mail holding service

The post office can hold mail on a temporary basis on request. The request and payment can be made in any post office and should be done at least five days before departure. It is advised to also suspend newspaper delivery during absences.

  • For further information about the Hold Mail service and prices: Click here

Further services provided by Post Canada include:

  • Community Mailbox facilities
  • E-post facilities to pay bills and track post
  • Pay upon receipt facility, for receivers to pay for post when delivered

For further information on receiving mail in Canada: Click here

Post Office Opening Hours

Post Offices in Canada are generally open from 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday, with some open longer hours and during weekends.

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Further Information

  • For a map showing postal codes in Canada: Click here