Travel for People with Disabilities

Montreal's transport system has many features to increase accessibility for travelers with a variety of disabilities - visual, hearing or reduced mobility…

Air Travel

Montreal-Trudeau Airport has good access for wheelchairs with elevators and moving walkway ramps giving access to all departure and arrival areas. Public telephones are equipped with at least one TTY telephone and all payphones are adapted to assist hearing aid users. Braille signs are located at the entrance to all public wash rooms, elevators, escalators and moving walkways. Elevators are equipped with voice floor callers and there is a rest area for guide dogs near the West tower of the ExpressParc.

  • For further information on the services available at the airport: Click here

Bus and Metro

The STM Metro system is accessible to most wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Most Metro cars are accessible although it is recommended that wheelchair users board the front car of the train in order to be visible to the driver. Seven stations in the Metro network have lifts to take wheelchair users from street level to the platforms. STM staff are trained to assist wheelchair users and can be requested at the ticket booths.

Many of the bus lines on the STM network have low floor buses that are accessible by wheelchair. The door with the access ramp is clearly labeled with the universal wheelchair sign.

  • For more information on wheelchair access to the STM public transit network: Click here

STM also has a Paratransit door-to-door service for people with disabilities who may encounter barriers when using regular public transport options. The Paratransit system uses specially adapted vehicles and is available on request.

  • For more information on the STM Paratransit system, and how to use the system: Click here


The Navette Maritimes ferries crossing from the Old Port to Parc Jean-Drapeau and the Longueuil shore use level ramp boarding and so are easily accessible to wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility.

  • For more information on the ferry services and the hours of operation: Click here

Greyhound Buses

Some greyhound buses are available with wheelchair ramps to give access to people with reduced mobility. Users of mobility scooters that can climb the bus's stairs unaided may store their scooter in the luggage hold at no extra charge. Mobility impaired customers must contact the Travel Assist Office at least 48 hours prior to travel in order to confirm that the required services will be available. In some circumstances Greyhound provide a personal care attendant for people with disabilities travelling alone. A letter from a health professional is required in order to reserve this service. Guide dogs and other service animals are permitted on board the bus.

  • For more information on Greyhound buses: Click here
  • Greyhound Travel Assist Office
    : 1 800 752 4841