Secondary School in Canada

Find out about the high school (or senior school) system for children ages 14 to 18, and the post secondary system ...

Secondary school, also referred to as high school or senior high, is from Grade 8-12 (age 14-18).

In Quebec, secondary or high school is from Grades 7-11, followed by two to three years at a junior college. For most provinces education is compulsory up until the age of 16 years but again, this varies from province to province; for example, in Manitoba, education is compulsory up until the age of 17 and in New Brunswick and Ontario, up until the age of 18.

Most students continue education until they graduate at the end of Grade 12.

Grade groupings

Subjects may be 'streamed' or offered to students at varying levels of difficulty.  However, variations exist as to how streaming systems are applied, depending on the school and province/territory.

Post-secondary Education

Post-secondary institutions include colleges and universities, open for high school graduates wishing to pursue further studies. These award either diplomas, degrees or other higher level certificates. They can be either public or private institutions.