Enrolment in a School

What to expect from the enrolment process in Canada...

Registration requirements and procedures vary from province to province and it is generally School Boards or Local Education Authorities who deal with admissions. Most school boards require the parents to live within the school boundary area in which they intend to register their child. They are able recommend schools within that locality and assist with admission procedures.

Registration can take place at anytime during the school year but it is recommended that the enrollment process takes place as long in advance as possible. Some schools in certain provinces (such as Ontario) open public schools one week before the beginning of the school year for students to register.


To register for school in Canada most schools require:

  • A legal birth certificate
  • Proof of residency, refugee status or citizenship
  • Immunisation documents. This is required in some provinces but is not mandatory in Canada. Refer to provincial school boards for details
  • Previous school records to assist in assigning students to a class or grade

Note: These documents might be required in English or French versions in some places.

Some school boards require new students go to an assessment or reception centre where their mathematics and English language skills are tested.

Children enroling in secondary (high) school will speak to the guidance counsellor about their previous schooling, interests and goals for after graduation. The counsellor then use this information to assist the student in choosing the appropriate courses.