Animal Organisations in Montreal

Information and contact details for national animal protection and welfare organisations, plus pet rescue centers operating in Montreal…

The largest animal protection organization in Montreal is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The SPCA will protect any animals whether they are domestic, farm-based or wild.

Animal control in the Montreal region is handled by the individual boroughs and municipalities. If a stray animal has been found call 311 for the local borough (within metropolitan) or contact the local Municipal Office (Link to “Municipalities” directory page)

The Animal Management section of the Montreal city website has advice and answers to frequently asked questions regarding pet ownership in Montreal.

Animal Shelters and Rescue Organisations

Animals are available for adoption from a number of rescue shelters and rescue organisations around the region:

  • The Animal Rescue Network is Montreal's largest no-kill animal shelter. It has a large number of animals and pets available for adoption with volunteer staff giving adoption and ownership advice
  • Le Refuge pour Chats de Verdun is a cat shelter that does not put animals down if they cannot be re-homed. Cats are sterilised before adoption
  • Rosie Animal Adoption is a dog shelter caring for misplaced, unwanted and neglected dogs. Dogs are sterilised and vet checked prior to adoption
  • Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions is a non-profit rescue and adoption center for dogs and cats. Adoption services, ownership advice and vet checks are provided
  • For more animal shelters and rescue centres in the region, see the Business Directory Dogs, Cats, Pets & Animals