Youth Organisations and Clubs

Canada has a number of organisations and structures in place to provide a stepping stone for young people to their adult life...

There are plenty of clubs and organisations aimed at teenagers in Canada.

Scouts and guides

Scout and guide clubs are well developed in Canada and can be found across the country.

Clubs for teenagers

Most provinces have a Youth Parliament scheme, where local children can get involved and debate local youth issues and learn about parliamentary processes.

  • For information about the British Columbia Youth Parliament: Click here
  • For information about the Quebec Youth Parliament: Click here (in French)

Ask at local libraries or schools for information about other provincial youth parliaments.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada offers a place for children to go after school and at weekends. This club is however primarily aimed at "at risk" children and tackles many of the problems that face the youth today such as unemployment, juvenile crime and drug abuse.

The Canadian Cadet programme is popular in Canada and incorporates the air, sea and army cadets.

Motivate Canada is a programme for youth that encourages entrepreneurship, leadership and social responsibility through sport and community programmes. Programmes include the 'Esteem Team', a goal setting programme for athletes and GEN7, where youngsters visit Aboriginal communities to share stories and empower other youth.

  • For more information on programmes available: Click here

Canada World Youth Organisation is a charitable organisation for Canadian youths who want to volunteer for community projects in Canada and overseas.

  • For more information on the opportunities offered: Click here

There are many more clubs and organisations geared towards teenagers which are available throughout Canada. Contact the local library or youth centre for more information. See the government Youth Canada website for further information.

School Holiday Programmes

Summer camps are very popular for teenagers with the various types including sporting, music, performing arts, theatre, computers and language study camps. However, depending on the activity, the camps can be expensive.


Internship programmes are common in Canada for new graduates from High School.

  • For more information on internships in Canada: Click here