Toddler Health in Canada

Understand the schedule of vaccinations and health benefits that may be available to you...

The healthcare system in Canada is publicly funded by a system commonly known as Medicare. All citizens and permanent residents of Canada are entitled to healthcare insurance. While there is not a single national plan, the 13 provincial and territorial health insurance plans share common features and are underpinned by the Canada Health Act.

Medical care insurance varies between provinces and territories, and care may not be covered in provinces outside the region where the healthcare card is registered.

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Toddler health

From birth, family doctors or paediatricians provide care for babies and children, including performing routine check-ups to monitor growth and development and the administration of immunisations. Provinces vary as to whether it is a general practitioner working as the family doctor, or a specialist paediatrician who provides this care. Doctors can be found by referrals or by contacting provincial colleges of physicians and surgeons, which can help patients find doctors.

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In Canada, babies and children make regular trips to the family doctor or paediatrician who performs routine "well-baby" or "well-child" check-ups. The first is at two months, then at four, six, nine, twelve months, eighteen months, two years and then once every year until the child is five years. After this the child sees the doctor every one or two years until the age of 18. These checks are to monitor the development, nutrition, emotional and social development of the child.

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Children are vaccinated against 13 vaccine-preventable diseases in Canada. Immunisation schedules vary across provinces but vaccinations normally start at two months, with further vaccinations due at four, six and 18 months and between four and six years. Further vaccinations are also administered to children between Grade four and eight.

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Immunisation is not compulsory in Canada but some provinces require certain vaccines to be given before a child enters school.