Activities for Toddlers in Canada

Out and about with toddlers in Canada...

Parent and toddler groups and drop-in centres are available locally, with the availability of and type of toddler group varying across Canada. It is worth contacting local libraries, community centres and churches to ask about locally run parent and tot groups.

More organised activities for toddlers such as swimming, music, dancing, soccer and gymnastic groups are widely available across Canada. They are more focused on the child and the activity they are taking part in and are often run as a course, which will be paid for in advance. Local directories will provide listings for toddler activity groups or the Canadian Web Directory provides an online resource.

It is normal for Canadian women to return to work a year after having a baby.

Out and About with Toddlers

Most Canadian towns and cities are well equipped with public playgrounds and recreational areas. They are modern, well maintained and safe environments for children to play. Parks are the responsibility of the local town or city. Many include splash areas or water features for the hot summer months and ice rinks during the cold winter months.

Most Canadian towns and cities have museums and attractions aimed at young children. For more information, contact local tourist information centres.

Further Information

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